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About us

Our Company

We base our business model on principles of diversity, advocacy, integrity, and a rigorous work ethic. Our work provides an opportunity to be both individually creative and cooperative, and we believe in using the power of business to address social and environmental challenges.

Mission & Vision

Makindu Growers works hard to actively improve the sustainable food system by supporting organic farmers, increasing access to fresh produce, strengthening communities, and cultivating a fair and dynamic workplace. 

We envision a sustainable food system that recognizes the true costs associated with growing and moving food from farm to table: farmers have access to land and receive fair payment for their labor; workers throughout the value chain are treated equitably; food is moved with minimal impact to the environment; and all people have equal access to fresh, healthy foods. 


Unlike traditional corporations, Makindu Growers are legally required to consider the impact of their decisions on their employees, suppliers, community, consumers, and the environment.

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Makindu Growers & Packers LTD

P.O.BOX 45308 00100,Nairobi,Kenya

Telephone Warehouse : 822812/196,827083/827058

Fax:  8209/822813

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